Our Devon hybrid registry system, DevonX, has been designed to record the heritage and pedigree of Red Devon influenced cattle. The goal of this registry is to add value to Red Devon crossbred breeding females and promote purebred registered Red Devon bulls for use in commercial herds. DevonX is not a pathway for entry into the existing Herd book registry of purebred Red Devon’s. The purebred herd book shall remain open only to animals eligible with a proven PUREBRED pedigree that meet the breed standards.

DevonX Incentive for New Members
DevonX offers new members who join the opportunity to register or transfer any animal regardless of age for the special price of $10 per animal during the first year of membership. Registering and Identifying your animals is an investment that can increase the value of your cattle by knowing and documenting their Devon ancestry.
Letter from the Registration Committee Click Here

Registration - $5
Transfer of Registration - $5

Instructions & Forms
DevonX Rules & Regulations Click Here
DevonX Instructions Click Here
DevonX Foundation Animal Entry PDF Click Here
DevonX Registration Application PDF Click Here
DevonX Foundation Animal Entry Excel Click Here
DevonX Registration Application Excel Click Here

Forms can be mailed or e-mailed to Red Devon USA
520 Francis Street, Suite 500B
St. Joseph, MO 64501