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Red Devon, USA has made the transition to the new registry system. The registry can be accessed here:

Guides to using the new Registry System:

Welcome to your RDUSA Online Registry: Click Here
RDUSA My Calving Entry and Registrations: Click Here
Submitting Weaning and Yearling Weights: Click Here

Hard Copy Applications

Hard copy applications can be emailed to or mailed to:

Red Devon USA
520 Francis Street, Suite 500B
St. Joseph, MO 64501

Hard Copy Registration Application: Click Here
RDUSA Fee Schedule: Click Here
Multiple Animal Registration Application: Click Here
Weaning and Yearling Weight Submission Forms: Click Here

Note: Becky Miller can be reached at NCBE to answer any registry questions at 816-652-2220 or at

DNA Policy

It is our feeling that we have the purest gene pool of all beef breeds, and because of this we want to take every effort to ensure that this gene pool remains pure. You, as the members of this organization, have overwhelmingly voted in support of the DNA program.

Any animal born after January 1, 2015 must have a hair sample collected and submitted for registration. This animal does not have to be parent verified, it must simply have its DNA stored on file so that all future generations can be verified against it. Furthermore, any bull that is used for breeding after January 1, 2015 must have a hair sample on file with VGL. Calves that are born after January 1,of 2016 must be verified against their sire. The policy was designed to ease the economic burden on breeders, but to ensure the integrity and purity of our breed for generations to come.

DNA testing should be submitted directly to the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis. Before sending samples, create an online account and order testing online. During ordering, request that results be sent to RDUSA.

VGL Instructions: Click Here

Red Devon USA cattle

Why register your cattle?

When you register your cattle, you increase the value of your animals on multiple fronts. Knowing the genetics of your cattle provides a level of expectation during the breeding process. Additionally, registration preserves ancestry of the animal. He's not "just a bull" and she's not "just a cow." They have specific bloodlines that offer different opportunities for top genetics. Red Devon cattle have remained remarkedly pure and our DNA parentage requirement continues to differentiate the breed and maintain purity. Finally, registration increases the monetary value of your animals. Buyers don't just buy "heads of cattle." They buy cattle that will produce the results they seek. Registered animals allow buyers to purchase cattle with confidence.