Anthony O’Neil - O’Neil’s Quality Devons

4 ONeil bull

O’Neil’s Quality Devons started as a need for quality beef. My father and mother, Gale and Vicki O’Neil started their meat market, O’Neil’s Quality Foods, in 1989. My father has always sourced his meat from local farmers. Over the last 15 years, it has been difficult to find high quality finished beef, that is locally raised. My parents and I saw the void and we decided that I would start raising our own beef to source through our market. In 2013, I started raising beef on our family farm. My desire to raise a delicious, tender, quality, healthy eating experience has led me to raise Grass Fed Devon Beef. O’Neil’s Quality Devons has over 20 registered cows on 30 acres. We move our cattle one to two times daily. We finish all of our own steers. We use Free Choice minerals on our farm to keep healthy reproductive cattle. We have established warm season and cool season perennials, along with annual grasses to extend our grazing season and allow for adequate growth. We continue to evaluate carcasses and are working with universities to get the best performance from our grass based genetics. Along with quality beef, we select for docility. Our family is the most important thing about our farm, and we want everyone to be safe. We welcome any visitors, we enjoy educating the youth in our community and we are constantly striving to learn from new relationships in the Devon industry.

What We Offer –

  1. Grass Fed Beef ¼, ½, whole beef/retail cuts
  2. Grass Fed Whole Muscle Jerky, Snack Sticks, and Ring Bologna
  3. Registered Devon Bull Semen
  4. Registered Devons