2015 RDUSA Annual Conference. Join us September 18-19th.

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Why Devon

The Devon’s natural characteristics help producers keep their overhead low and their inputs to a minimum. Due to its genetic purity, the Devon is a perfect “type” of animal for grass farming—its breed remains the same as it was before anyone had ever heard of a grain finishing feedlot.

Join Red Devon USA

Join our growing community of US-based farmers and breeders devoted to preserving Red Devon cattle. Our members have a unique opportunity to learn & share best practices for grass-fed beef production, thus improving their bottom line and the sustainability of their farms.

Learning Resources

Considering Red Devon cattle for your farm? Want to learn from the best Red Devon breeders and farmers in the country? Take a look at some of the resources we have available to help you learn more about this extraordinary breed and the people who are carrying on the tradition.

Latest Association News

Marketing Survey Says

Marketing Research on the Millennial Generation

A high percentage of RDUSA members and others who visit our website market grass finished beef directly to the consumer.  There is an interesting article on marketing beef in the […]

The World Devon Congress and Tour

The World Devon Congress and Tour

Our friends in the Devon Cattle Breeder’s Society in the UK are inviting us along with the rest of the Red Devon Cattle World to join them next year in […]

The Speakers at the 2015 RDUSA Conference

The Speakers

Vic and Alison
Following a series of long airplane flights from Australia to Virginia, Vic Edwards and Alison Heap then traveled to South Carolina and had two very busy days at the Conference.  Besides judging […]

Results of the Junior Judging Contest

Junior Judging Contest

Pictured in the first photo are: back row left to right, Emma Hickl, Daniel Fell, David Fell and Robert VanKirk; front row, Gerardo Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Jax Engh and Olivia Werner.

The younger generation […]

2015 RDUSA National Sale

Results of the 2015 RDUSA National Sale

Registered Devon Lots  (Top Selling Lots)

Lot 17   Consignor: Oak Hill Farm, VA       Oak Hill YT6                     […]

Classified Listings

Purebred Devon and Devon X's For Sale

Chris and Wendy Russell — 207-564-7926 —

Two year old reg. Devon heifer $ 3,000.

Two 3/4 Devon two year old heifers $2,000 each. All are bred to pure Devon for 2016 calves.

Contact 207-564-7926 evenings or

Grassfed Genetics For Sale

Bob VanKirk — 814-937-6919 —

Registered Devon heifers, registered Devon cows, bred percentage cows & open weanling heifers, registered Devon bulls. Visit for more information.

Purebred Devon and Devon Cross For Sale

Greg and Lavonne Hickl — 479-299-4368 —

Fourche River Farm & Cattle Co. has purebred Devon and Devon cross for sale -- cow/calf pairs, heifers, and bulls.

Place a Classified Listing

Steak of Origin Contest

The Steak of Origin Contest started in New Zealand over 13 years ago with a modest beginning and has grown into a very large competition. Cattle farmers and ranchers from all over NZ enter steaks to be judged in this competition.

July 1, 2015 | Cattle News, Devons, Genetics, Nutrition, Selecting Cattle


A Break From Jeremy’s Trip

Answering a Question
A couple of weeks ago Guille and I received a question from a RDUSA member about polled and horned genetics. After my feeble attempt to answer the question, Guille suggested that I pos

April 26, 2015 | Association News, Devons, Husbandry, Opinion, Selecting Cattle


Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Sale

Details about the Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Sale

April 21, 2015 | Association News, Devons


Jeremy’s Trip: Part II, Part III, Part IV

While in South Carolina, Jeremy Engh was in contact with Otto McCarty. Mr. McCarty is using the registered Red Devon bull pictured to the left on his commercial herd of cows (Mr. McCarty sent us both photographs used in this post).

February 25, 2015 | April 14, 2015 | April 23, 2015 | Association News, Business, Conference, Cattle News, Show, Devons


Red Devon Cattle for Annual Fall Show and Sale

Our Show and Sale manager, Jeremy Engh of Lakota Ranch in Virginia, is on the road visiting several Red Devon breeders.

February 25, 2015 | Association News, Business, Conference, Cattle News, Show


Dates for the 2015 Fall Conference and Sale

The dates for the annual Fall Conference and Show/Sale are September 18 and 19, 2015. The conference will be at Walkers Century Farm at Anderson, SC. Bill and Nancy Walker are owners of the farm and have an event pavilion on the farm.

February 25, 2015 | Association News, Business, Conference, Devons


Good News for the New Year

Good News from CLRC! Glenn Clark of CLRC reports to us that the corrections to the combined database have been made. They are now ready to devote full time to handling the orders of Red Devon USA members including registration, transfer, and DNA applications.

January 8, 2015 | Association News, Genetics


Site Chosen for 2015 Red Devon USA Annual Conference

The Events Committee recommended and the board approved Walker Century Farms as the host for the 2015 Red Devon USA Annual Conference.

November 20, 2014 | Association News, Conference

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