Christian Ramsburg - Harmon Creek Farm

Harmon Creek Farms is a diversified farm spanning 1,100 acres located in Eastern Ohio.  We produce grass fed and finished beef, pastured pork and poultry, eggs, and honey.  Started in 2014, we strive to use only the most responsible and innovative farming practices that eliminate the need for chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and other unnecessary inputs into our products.

Harmon Creek Farm breeds purebred Red Devon cattle first and foremost for functional efficiency.  Along with the standard traits that Devon cattle exhibit such as strong maternal instincts, good temperament, efficiency on grass, Harmon Creek only keeps cattle for breeding or to sell that also meet phenotype standards including solid udders, hooves, resistance to sickness and feminine/masculine physical traits. We offer a wide range of New Zealand, British and American genetics to choose from. Purebred heifers, cows, bulls and also Devon/Angus cross heifers are available most of the time.

Contact: Christian Ramsburg
1124 Grove St. NE, Canton, OH 44721