Mike and Grace Sullivan - Republic Ranch

Republic Ranch began in 2015 when our family started building our own ranch in the historic town of Rough and Ready, in Northern California. Having a strong desire to provide quality food for our friends and family we prepared our ranch and leased other quality properties nearby. With an emphasis on selecting the right cattle to fit our environment we started a herd of heritage cattle on native pastures. Our Red Devon herd has been established from some excellent animals out of herds from across the United States. We also have some animals that have been crossed with with low input Red Angus genetics. Our goal has been and will continue to be, establishing a sustainable ranch with a high quality herd that works for the ranch; not the ranch working for the herd. Each year we sell several grass finished animals to our community and have some seed stock animals for sale. Please contact us if your are looking for Red Devon genetics to improve your grass-fed herd in Northern California.