Breeder’s Manual and Bylaws

RDUSA Bylaws and Manual
2017 DCA Amendment
Moin Discussion Paper, The responsibilities of breed societies for the management of herdbooks in relation to pedigree information and genomics
RDUSA Contract for Provision of Registry Services

RDUSA Fee Schedule

Fee Type Amount
Membership in RDUSA (includes dues for first year) $75.00
Junior Membership in RDUSA $25.00/yr
Association Dues— Registry/Voting Privileges, Devon USA $50.00/yr
Breeder’s List $50.00/yr
Registration of animals under 1 year of age $25.00
Registration of animals over 1 year of age $35.00
Transfer Fee $17.50
DNA Profile Fee TBD
Classified Ad (30 Days) $30.00

Mailing address

Red Devon USA
107 Cardinal Ridge Rd.
Thomasville, GA 31792