As you may know, there are many changes taking place as we begin to formally operate as Red Devon USA. We have initiated the work of combining the former ADCA and NADA registries into the new Red Devon USA registry under a new registrar (Canadian Livestock Registry Corp –, which will result in a transition period. If you are a new member and unaware of the process, please contact Sarah Wilkerson @ (229) 516-0394 (moc.l1512970488iamg@1512970488nosre1512970488kliwk1512970488haras1512970488) for instructions.

Red Devon USA Registration Application

DNA Policy

It is our feeling that we have the purest gene pool of all beef breeds, and because of this we want to take every effort to ensure that this gene pool remains pure. You, as the members of this organization, have glaringly voted in support of the DNA program.

Any animal born after January 1, 2015 must have a hair sample collected and submitted for registration. This animal does not have to be parent verified, it must simply have its DNA stored on file so that all future generations can be verified against it. Furthermore, any bull that is used for breeding after January 1, 2015 must have a hair sample on file with VGL. Calves that are born after January 1,of 2016 must be verified against their sire. The policy was designed to ease the economic burden on breeders, but to ensure the integrity and purity of our breed for generations to come.

Breed Standards

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Animal ID

The Association requires a letter denoting the year of calving be assigned to each animal registered after January 1, 2007. The annual letter shall be followed by the herd number of the animal.

Note: The letters “I”, “O”, “Q” and “V” are NOT used as year designating letters. Any letter done incorrectly in the past, do not need to be changed.

The appropriate letter designator is as follows:


Year Code Year Code Year Code
2013 A 2023 L 2033 Y
2014 B 2024 M 2034 Z
2015 C 2025 N
2016 D 2026 P
2017 E 2027 R
2018 F 2028 S
2019 G 2029 T
2020 H 2030 U
2021 J 2031 W
2022 K 2032 X