Devon were the victims, like so many farm families, of government agricultural policies after World War II. Faced with huge corn surpluses and the power of influential Senators from the farm states, Washington mandated a policy to eat up the excess.

Feed lots were devised not just to consolidate marketing, but to fatten cattle using the relatively cheap and subsidized corn. A whole new industry was born and it was backed by a powerful combination of forces, commercial as well as governmental.

Devon, which had been dominant for so long because its genetics perfectly-suited it to grass, simply couldn’t make the transition to the feedlot. It’s not that they didn’t fatten; they fattened too fast! They were abandoned for the animals which could eat more corn.

Enter the seed stock producers and their new paradigm of the “ideal cow”. Forget fertility, efficiency, and especially, forget quality of the meat. We had to have cows that worked for the feedlot!

But now that’s changing, thanks to a newly health-conscious consumer. The evidence is overwhelming that natural, grass fed beef is not only better for you, it tastes better, too. And nobody does a better job of converting grass to meat than Devon.

The struggle has begun and it is by no means inevitable that science and common sense are going to win. The same forces that inflicted “feedlot mania” on us 60 years ago are digging in. Look at all the ads in the big association magazines. Drug companies…seed stock producers. That’s what drives those magazines, their associations, even university studies.

So if you’re one for a fight against the neighborhood bullies we think you should be enjoying this sudden resurgence of our Devon cattle. We’re the obvious choice to lead the revolution back to natural, grass fed beef!