The Report

Following is the Sale Report for the Upper Midwest Sale held at Hillside Pastures in Wisconsin (reprinted with permission from Hillside Pastures).  Thanks to Daniel and Linda Marquardt of Hillside Pastures and Jeremy Engh, the sale manager, for such a detailed and informative report.

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Greetings to everyone interested in Devon cattle!
Below is a Sales Summary for the Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Sale in May 2015
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On May 16th, we were honored to host the Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Workshop and Sale at Hillside Pastures. The event was made possible by no less than 10 other Devon breeders from 7 states who agreed to ship cattle to Spring Green, Wisconsin. The workshop and sale were conducted and managed by Jeremy Engh from Lakota Ranch in Virginia and the auctioneer was Brian Curless from Illinois. We again express our appreciation to all of these participants.

Although some of the cattle traveled many miles before going through the auction ring, all but one of the 55 lots sold stayed in the Upper Midwest; in fact, approximately 2/3 of the cattle stayed right here in Wisconsin. Take a look at this graphic.

Sale Summary- Location of Buyer
These are the states      CA    IA    IL    MI    MN    WI    Total
Number of Lots Sold        1      5      7       5        2       35       55
% of Lots Sold                  2%   9%  13%  9%   4%    64%   100%
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Another observation that one can make with confidence: the buyers, many purchasing Devon for the first time, were not dabblers in the cattle world, but practical farmers investing in cattle that can produce financial returns in the real world of grass-fed beef. That means the buyers were here to buy Devon cattle that can go back to the home farm and produce offspring that will thrive on grass —– nothing but grass.
Upper Midwest Devon Cattle Sale                    Hillside Pastures, Spring Green, WI May 16, 2015

Cattle sold per head
Class             # of lots                                    Price
The price ranges are    High             Low              Average       Total
Purebred Devon
Bred Heifers       2        $8,750         $6,250         $7,500         $15,000
Open Heifers    12        $4,000        $3,000         $3,771          $45,250
Bred Cows          2        $5,000         $4,500         $4,750         $9,500
Bulls                    4        $5,000         $3,500         $4,000        $16,000
% Devon
Bred Heifers      5        $5,000         $3,000         $3,850        $19,250
Open Heifers     8       $2,900          $2,100         $2,400        $19,200
Bred Cows         4        $3,600          $3,300        $3,475         $13,900
Commercial Red Angus
Bred Heifers     8       $3,700          $3,300        $3,488         $27,900

Cattle sold per pound
Steers – 50% to 100% Devon     #of steers        Ave. Wgt. (lbs)         $/lbs Average         $ Ave. per head          Total for group
435-644 lbs.                                        6                         569                            $2.35                            $1,337                      $8,019
1015-1095 lbs.                                    3                        1,050                          $1.70                            $1,785                       $5,355
Note: All cows and heifers shown as “bred” were either carrying a calf sired by a purebred Devon bull or were open with the calf at their side.

Please take a few minutes to visit our website where you will find more information and photographs documenting the event.