Yes, It is Time

After I finished my term on the Board of Directors last September I thought I would take a couple of months off from the RDUSA blog.  Before I realized it 2 months had become 5, so I guess it is time to get started again.  I am happy to announce that Jenny Sabo, the newest member of the board of directors, will be helping out this year with articles on the blog page.  Jenny is planning to do a profile of a Red Devon breeder each month along with other subjects covered from time to time.

Sarah Wilkerson and Jeremy Engh will be handing posts concerning RDUSA news, notices and policy.  I will be doing articles on various subjects.  About a year ago some RDUSA members notified me that they would like information on different breeding philosophies and I will start those in a few days.

Our Disclaimer

The opinions and view points expressed by the authors of these articles are not necessarily the opinions and view points of RDUSA.  RDUSA does not take responsibility for any information that will be in the future articles.  We are simply dispensing information and allowing the readers to decide if the information is useful to them or not.  We also encourage you to send your comments on the articles and to let us know what topics you are interested in reading.

Thank you.

Submitted by Roy Doan