Red Devons in the heat and humidity of the Southeast

Red Devons in the heat and humidity of the Southeast


The calm disposition of Red Devon cattle demonstrated by Dr. Walker

The calm disposition of Red Devon cattle demonstrated by Dr. Walker

 Walker Century Farms

The Events Committee recommended and the board approved Walker Century Farms as the host for the 2015 Red Devon USA Annual Conference.  Walker Century Farms is owned by Drs. William and Nancy Walker and son Clifton.  The farm is located near Anderson, SC and Clemson University.  William (Bill) is a physician in Anderson and Nancy is a retired plant geneticist at Clemson.  Bill has served both RDUSA and ADCA as a member of the board of directors and Nancy has been active in Devon circles for several years.

The Walkers have an event venue on the farm that will be used for the conference and are close to a livestock facility that can be used for the cattle show, etc.  Hotel accommodations are also less than 10 minutes from their farm.  Because it is near by and Nancy’s close ties to the university, members of Clemson’s Agriculture Department have offered their assistance in developing the program for the conference.  Clemson is one of the few universities in the country to offer significant support and research with sustainable agriculture, grass fed/finished meats and other forage based livestock systems.  Clemson also has an all forage bull test and sale at their research farm near Blackville, SC.

The date has not been finalized, but it will be in September of 2015.  Start making plans now for what should be a great conference!

Time to Recruit Hosts for Future Red Devon USA Conferences

We realize that the last few years our conferences have been located almost entirely in the eastern United States.  Part of this stems from the fact that so many of our members are located in the east and partly because the members who have been willing to serve as hosts have been from that area.  We also understand that our membership is growing in the midwest and other western regions and we feel that we are missing out on the opportunity to expose many potential new members and customers to our Red Devon breed.  It is never too early to consider hosting a future Red Devon USA Conference in your area of the country and to recruit other breeders that you think would be capable hosts.  If a national conference seems too daunting, remember that Red Devon USA strongly encourages members to host regional events in their areas of the country.

Look for Another Letter in the Mail from Red Devon USA

The ADCA database is in the process of being downloaded on the CLRC website as I write this posting.  We hope that the total process will be completed very soon.  You probably will receive a letter in the mail late next week from the Registrations/DNA committee with an update on the process and with directions on doing your registrations, transfers, and ordering DNA kits.  Included in the letter will be an explanation of the DNA policy and procedure.  The main emphasis will be to check all the information that is being downloaded on the website.  There will still be some mistakes that will need to be corrected.  This will be a simple process.  Carefully go over your information and check everything, spelling, name, address, contact info, animals on file, birthdates, sires, dams, registration numbers, etc.  Check out anything you can think of and if there are any mistakes you can then contact CLRC with the corrections.  The mistakes will be far and few between, but it will much easier to deal with mistakes now as opposed to later.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and is looking forward to the Holiday Season and Christmas!

Photographs on this post were used with permission from Walker Century Farms and bitTyrant, LLC