A Red Devon cross first calf heifer with calving ease and a quality  udder.

A Red Devon cross first calf heifer with calving ease and a quality udder.

No, once again I am not kidding.  In the last issue of The Stockman Grass Farmer (for many in the sustainable livestock farming and ranching world the equivalent of Martha Stewart Living) has a RDUSA member, Hillside Pastures owned by Daniel and Linda Marquardt, featured in the Producer Profile.  It can be found on page 23 of the May 2015 issue.  The Marquardts talk about the lessons they have learned  and some of their management practices.  Check it out.

Grazing School

Greg Judy is teaching a 2 day grazing school on Sept. 25 and 26 of this year on the John Kitsheiner farm near Bulls Gap, TN.  Most you know Greg Judy as he is one of the leading high-density grazing gurus in the US.  His class will concentrate on grazing, leasing pasture land and grass genetics in grazing animals.  If you are interested check out the link below.


Cornell All Forage Bull Test

I have received some info on the Cornell All Forage Bull  Test and it seems the Devon bulls in the test are performing very well.  April 8 was the third weighting day of the test, the bulls are weighted at 28 day intervals.  A Devon bull had the highest daily gain for that 28 day interval (3.57 pounds per day) and the highest cumulative daily gain since the start of the test (2.97 pounds per day).  The other two Devon bulls were right at the average for all the bulls on test with one being above average on the cumulative daily gain.  The bulls were fed a diet of mostly legume and grass hay crop silage along with a free-choice mineral.  The average dry matter intake per bull was 19.9 lb per day, approximately 2.9% of body weight.  All the Devon bulls had a body condition score of 5.5.

The next weighting day was May 6 and the same Devon bull was again the highest gaining bull for the 28 day interval (3.0 pounds per day) and cumulative daily gain.  The second Devon bull was above average on the 28 day interval and the third was a little below average for all bulls on test.  All 3 Devon bulls BCS improved to 6.5.  This was a preliminary report and the diet of the bulls was not reported.

Submitted by Roy