Burke Teichert says to let Mother Nature do it!

Burke Teichert is retired from managing the various western ranches that make up Deseret Ranch which is owned by the Morman Church and is one of the largest ranching operations in the west. He now writes blogs for BEEF Magazine.  In his blog post on 12/3/15 he states that he thinks that Mother Nature can do a better job of determining which yearling heifers are more likely to get breed than we humans.  His advice is to keep as many heifers as you can after culling “poor doers, poor dispositions and those with obvious physical trait problems”.  The heifers that you keep should not be given extra care, just raise them as stockers. Then at 14 months of age breed them all in a short breeding season, he used a 30 day breeding season.  Then after pregnancy checking you will know which are highly fertile and which are not.  We all are well aware that fertility is the highest economical trait for cow/calf operations.

He says that marketing the open heifers should be profitable.  You can sell them as stocker heifers.  Since most our RDUSA Devon members also sell grass finished beef, I would recommend that they put the open heifers in the grass finished herd.  Those heifers will make very high quality beef and are easier to finish than steers.

For more info about Mr. Teichert and to read the rest of his blog go to www.beefmagazine.com/blogger/burke-teichert  .

Submitted by Roy