The Article

Jeremy Engh has sent a link to an article titled “The Role of Ruminants in Reducing Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint in North America”.  This article is found on the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation website and is copyrighted by the Soil and Water Conservation Society.  It is authored by W. R. Teaque of Texas A & M and several other scientists and scholars from different universities and organizations and you can find all their names with the article.  This article gives some technical and scientific data and research to back up the claim of the importance of grazing animals being a part of solution for soil erosion, improving water quality and reducing greenhouse gases.

It also emphasizes the importance of ruminants in improving ecosystems in brittle environments and in many cultures.  The important role of ruminants being used within cropping systems is also a focus of the article.  The link is .  This link will take you to the abstract, then look to the right and click on “Full Text (PDF) Free” for the full article.

Submitted by Roy