Junior Judging Contest

Winners in the Junior Judging Contest.  Photo by Linda

Winners in the Junior Judging Contest. All photos by Linda

Pictured in the first photo are: back row left to right, Emma Hickl, Daniel Fell, David Fell and Robert VanKirk; front row, Gerardo Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Jax Engh and Olivia Werner.

The younger generation showed their skills at the Red Devon USA Annual Show and Sale in SC.  Not only did a young heifer win the Grand Champion Female award, but a whole bunch of young boys and girls made their mark there as well.  The RDUSA Annual Conference included for the first time a special activity for the under 18 conference participants.  That activity was a judging contest with 3 classes: heifers, cows, and bulls.  The 11 participants were given 1 hour to place the animals.  It was great to see them all working so hard, observing the animals, rating them and placing them.  The Judge, Vic Edwards, announced his placements, explained his reasons and engaged in a lively discussion about the merits and shortcomings of each animal.

The winners were:

14-18 year old group:  1st place: Emma Hickl, 2nd place was a tie: Robert VanKirk and David Fell, 3rd place: Daniel Fell

Under 14 year old group: 1st place was a tie: Olivia Werner and Fernando Garcia, 2nd place: Gerardo Garcia, 3rd place: Jax Engh

All in all the Youth Activity was enjoyed by everyone and it was clear that our younger generation is paying attention and learning.  In fact, one of our young farmers was overheard excitedly telling his father about a commercial bull in the back pens that “was way down on his hock and his hooves were real long”.  It does not get any clearer than that.

Participants ready for the start of the Judging Contest.

Participants ready for the start of the Judging Contest.

The above article was written by Laura Watson, a member of the Youth Judging Contest Committee with Nelda Gerner and Steve Rockcastle.

Submitted by Roy