Red Devon USA Upgraded Website 

Scott Paquin with Aaron and Susan Von Frank

Scott Paquin with Aaron and Susan Von Frank

The new and improved Red Devon USA website is now online at  Aaron and Susan Von Frank of bitTyrant, the marketing and digital media company they own and operate, have worked diligently on upgrading our website the last several weeks.  You will find the website more user friendly and with a more attractive layout.  It also allows us to make better use of photographs.  Sarah Wilkerson and Roy Doan, administrative secretary and president of Red Devon USA respectively, have just completed training on entering website posts and updating information on static pages.  This allows us to do these tasks in house and not have the expense of contracting a third party for those jobs.  The website improvements and our ability to handle the communication tasks ourselves will enable us to be more efficient in dispensing information and news to Red Devon USA members and other interested parties.  Aaron and Susan will be available to help with our questions and problems and will do a website checkup once a month to make sure all the servers and programing are working properly.  We thank Aaron and Susan for their time and efforts.

Registering your Red Devons

As part of the merger process, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation has been contracted to administer our registrations.  CLRC has the computer power and professional expertise to handle our ever growing registrations and transfers and has online features for registrations, transfers, and member and pedigree searches.  The website for CLRC is and the mailing address is 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1V 0M7.  The Corporation’s telephone is 1-613-731-7110 and they have a toll free line at 1-877-833-7110 and a fax number at 1-613-731-0704.  All of this contact information can also be found on their website.  CLRC handles the registry for over 100 breeds of animals and has been doing so for over 100 years.

Registering by Mail

It is easy to register your Red Devon cattle by mail.  Go the CLRC website homepage and scroll down the menu bar on the left to Associations.  A drop down menu will show up and on it you click on Listing of Associations.  When that page appears on your screen click on Cattle.  When the next page appears click on Red Devon USA.  When you are on the Red Devon USA page you will find several options that are available to you.  Click on Registration Application and the form will appear on your screen in pdf. form.  You can then print and/or download the application.  Fill in the information and don’t forget to sign and date the form, then mail the application with payment to the address given above.  Your payment will be in US funds and CLRC will accept checks and credit cards.

Registering your Red Devons Online

Go to the CLRC website homepage and scroll down the menu bar on the left to On-Line Services.  A drop down menu will appear and you then click on Internet Registrations.  Now the first thing you must do is click on Electronic Registration Agreement.  This document will be in pdf. form and you have to fill out the information and sign and date it.  You then mail, fax or email this form to CLRC using the above contact information.  Once the form has been received and approved you will receive confirmation.  You cannot use any electronic services without this form being on file.  The reason for this is that if you do a registration by mail you sign the registration form stating that the information you are providing is accurate and you are granting CLRC permission to use your info to carry out the service requested, but you are not providing your signature when using an electronic service.  Therefore, CLRC wants to have a signature on file for this purpose.  Once this process is completed, return to the same website page and click on download instructions.  This page will give you the instructions on downloading the necessary program and how to use it to do your registrations.  Most of the existing Red Devon registrations have been entered into the CLRC data base, but unfortunately not all.  If the parents of the animal you are registering are not yet entered into the database your registration will be delayed.  CLRC is working on finishing the database, but they are having some programming issues that should be cleared up soon.

Can I Get Help?

Yes, you can get your questions answered and receive additional help if needed.  Our contact person from CLRC is Glenn Clark and he is your best source for help.  You may call one of the CLRC phone numbers, remember there is a toll free number, and use extension no. 317.  His email address is ac.cr1516440857lc@kr1516440857alc.n1516440857nelg1516440857 .