A blend of muscle, correctness and masculinity.  Photo: Bob Van Kirk
A blend of muscle, correctness and masculinity. Photo: Bob Van Kirk


The Website committee has the responsibility of updating information on the static pages of the website, posting new information and news, and evaluating the website with the capable assistance of Sarah Wilkerson, our adm. secretary.  The members of this committee are Roy Doan (Chairperson) and Guille Yearwood.

The members of the Promotional Committee are Greg Hickl (Chairperson), Jeff Moore and Gerald Fry.  This committee is responsible for our advertising campaign and other ways of promoting the Devon breed and Red Devon USA.  Among the duties of the committee will be recommendations to the board for promotional strategy, budget and venues.

On the Road Again

In late October Linda and I were in the Wilmington, Delaware area for a business/pleasure trip.  During my free time I was able to visit with two RDUSA members in southeast Pennsylvania.  The first was Wyebrook Farm at Honey Brook, PA.  After a fabulous Sunday brunch at the Cafe on the farm, I had a long and very informative conversation with Wyebrook owner Dean Carlson.  Dean explained his business strategy when starting Wyebrook and the lessons he has learned along the way.  He also explained how Wyebrook Farm blends so many enterprises to the benefit of each.  The plan is to get my scattered notes organized so I can do an article in the next issue of DEVON USA about the business side of Wyebrook Farm.  By the way, if you are in that area you do want to eat at the Cafe.  The food is excellent.

The following day my next stop was in Amish country at Paradise Pastures owned by John Lee Fisher and his extended family.  John was not there during my visit, but I did talk to him extensively before hand and had informative talks with his brother Aaron and father.  Paradise Pastures has a buyers club on Long Island and I was able to gather a lot of information on the business aspects involved and the logistical challenges they had to overcome.  With their permission, I would like to also do an article in DEVON USA on Paradise Pastures.

Speaking of DEVON USA Magazine

As you already know Guille Yearwood has agreed to continue his work as editor of DEVON USA.  We receive more complements about the magazine than any other project.  For 2015 we are going to experiment with the magazine and have only two issues, but expand them to have more information, articles, profiles of breeders and other industry people, and commentary.  We have seen great improvement in the magazine since its beginning and hope to make it larger and even better.  We encourage people to contact Guille or myself with suggestions and hope to have other Red Devon USA members contributing articles and information to the magazine. We also want to encourage all members to advertise in DEVON USA, it is an excellent way to promote your business, Red Devon cattle, and breeding programs.  The timeline for our next issue is printing and mailing around March 1, 2015 with the deadline for submitting advertising, information and articles being February 1, 2015.

Red Devon USA Promotional Exhibit will be in Wisconsin

The GrassWorks Grazing Conference will be taking place on January 15-17, 2015 at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin.  Daniel and Linda Marquardt have reserved space to promote their farm and for the Red Devon USA promotional exhibit.  The conference will have many outstanding speakers including Curt Pate, a nationally renowned speaker on stockmanship, Joshua Dukart who is a certified educator for Holistic Management International and Gareth Van Der Heyden, CEO of Grasslands Group who milk 14,000 cows in Missouri and New Zealand on multiple large scale grazing operations.  The conference draws approximately 600 visitors each year and last year’s survey reported that 46% of attendees raised beef cattle.  This should be an excellent opportunity for Red Devon USA to promote Devon cattle.   The Marquardts will need help in manning the promotional booth.  Any Devon breeders in Wisconsin, northeast Iowa, or northern Illinois who could help with the booth please contact the Marquardts at danielfmarquardt@gmail.com or 608-588-5367.

Red Devon USA encourages our members to participate in regional events such as this.  We will make the promotional exhibit available to you and provide you with brochures and other promotional materials.  We also encourage our members to have their own regional events at their farms.  Some of our members have already had field days, seminars, classes, regional meetings and sales at their farms.  There are more planned for 2015 and we can help with the promotional exhibit and printed materials.  We can also help promote your event through the website and DEVON USA magazine.  Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Newest Members of Red Devon USA

We would like to welcome our newest members of Red Devon USA:

Dale Sims       Sims Enterprises       Gulloden, GA        Regan Logan    Spring Hollow Farm    Only, TN

There has also been some confusion among some of our new members that we would like to clear up.  The membership fee is $75 and the yearly dues are $50.  When a new member joins RDUSA he or she pays only the $75 membership fee for the first year.  The $50 yearly dues are not to be paid until January of the following year.  Also, for new members who joined late in the year, since our  Annual Conference the last weekend in September for 2014, your yearly dues are not due until January of 2016.  Remember that once you are a member you have to pay your yearly dues each year in order to be a member in good standing and be able to register cattle and vote in the yearly election.  I hope this explanation has cleared up any confusion.

Check us out again next week for more news and information.



A Red Devon trademark: unassisted births and vigorous calves    Photo: Susan Sebotnick

A Red Devon trademark: unassisted births and vigorous calves Photo: Susan Sebotnick