A masculine Red Devon bull working a pasture full of commercial cows.  Photo: by staff

A masculine Red Devon bull working a pasture full of commercial cows. Photo: by staff

Announcements for RDUSA Members

Remember that our revamped website is on line.  We will have regular posts on the website, such as this, and you will want to visit the site regularly to stay caught up on Red Devon USA news.

We also want to hear from you!  If you have questions or comments you can post them on the forum page of the website.  We also want your photographs of Red Devon cattle.  You can email them to me at roydoan@hotmail.com, Sarah at sarahkwilkerson@gmail.com or Guille at guilley@aol.com.  We would like to find high quality photographs to use in our advertising campaign, DEVON USA magazine and on our website.  Please state the photographer’s name so we can credit them.  We do reserve the right to not use photographs that we do not think are the level of quality we need and to crop the photographs.

Later this week you will be receiving a Newsletter from the President in the mail.  Although it is certainly easier and more efficient for us to dispense information through our website, we do realize that there are times when we need to communicate with our membership the old fashion way.  The newsletter will have updated information about registering and transferring ownership of your Red Devon cattle.  There also will be information about ordering DNA kits and an update on the status of the work being done by CLRC.

We have three farms that expressed interest in hosting the Annual Conference and Show and Sale in 2015.  One farm has since decided they would be better prepared to wait until a later year.  The Event Committee is gathering information from the other two farms and then will evaluate that information to determine the location to recommend to the board.  The two locations are South Carolina and Western Pennsylvania.  We are always looking for host farms and if you are interested please let us know.  Even if you are thinking about a year beyond 2015, go ahead and throw your name in the hat.

New Members

We would like to welcome our new members who have joined Red Devon USA since our Annual Conference in September.

Don O’Brien   Stonewall Farms   St. Paul, MO       Joe Weber   Salvisa, KY       David Bentrem   Three D Ranch   Paris, PA

Susan White   Mysfit Acres   Hardin, MO       Steven Bessett   Steven James Farm LLC   Scottsville, VA       Dana Maanum   Cloverby Ranch   Ava, MO

Will & Tom Sattuck   Devon Lane Farm   Belchertown, MA        Derek & Lesley Eshelman   Little Star Farm   Great Barrington, MA

A feminine Red Devon cow on fall pasture.    Photo: by staff

A feminine Red Devon cow on fall pasture. Photo: by staff


We have created committees to allow us to work more efficiently and with more focus on individual issues and the day to day business of Red Devon USA.  The smaller group of members on a committee can more effectively do the ground work and research on issues and make recommendations that the whole board can then discuss.  We also will develop guidelines and responsibilities for each committee and other jobs so the members taking on those assignments will have a clear understanding of the task they have accepted.  The 4 committees we have created are: Events, Promotional, Website and Registrations/DNA.  We will have assignments to the Nominations/Election committee later.

Events Committee

This committee is responsible for locating a host farm and/or location for our Annual Conference, Membership Meeting, Show and Sale.  The members of this committee will evaluate location, facilities, area accommodations, caterers, etc.  They will also take the lead in developing the program, finding speakers and overseeing the show and sale.  They will make recommendations to the board based on their findings.  Because of the wide scope of responsibilities assigned to this committee we can make use of subcommittees to carry out some of the tasks if deemed appropriate. The committee members are Jacob Owens (Chairperson), Charlie Trantham, Fernando Mendez, and Paul Colucci.

Registrations/DNA Committee

The responsibilities of this committee are evaluating registrations and/or DNA testing policy, evaluating the services provided by our contractors, and providing a contact person representing RDUSA to these contractors.  This committee will update records such as contracts, agreements, pricing and services information and contact info of our contractors.  This committee will make recommendations to the board on any issues dealing with registrations and DNA testing.  Researching any problems with an animal’s registration and/or DNA testing and making recommendations to the board will also be a responsibility of this committee.

If a member of this committee or a family member is owner or in anyway involved with an animal in question concerning registration and/or DNA testing, that member will excuse himself/herself from that case and be replaced by an alternate member.  The members of the Registration/DNA committee are: Jeremy Engh (chairperson), Chris Eichhorn, Bud Chonko, Paul Colucci, and Greg Hickl.  The alternate members are Jacob Owens and Roy Doan.

More Info on Committees to Come in the Next Post

In the next post you will find information on the other committees.  There is also information on this subject in the Newsletter being mailed to you.  Of course there will be more Red Devon USA news coming your way.