The new advertising campaign is under way with excellent results. In the last issue of DEVON USA Greg Hickl reported that the board had budgeted $25,000 for advertising and promotions. Jeff Moore of Georgia volunteered to head this effort with the Breed Promotions Committee and has already placed an ad in the last 3 issues of Stockman Grass Farmer. Ads have also started in Acres USA and will soon start in Graze.

The board of directors wanted to stay away from static advertising with the same ad being used in many consecutive issues of each magazine. To make the ads more vibrant and interesting, Mr. Moore has made changes in each new ad. Each new ad has a different picture with a different high quality Devon bull or female. Each ad also has a different catch line followed by a description of the quality traits of Devon cattle. The contact info given is the website address.

If you subscribe to any of these magazines check out the new ad and let us know what you think!

Roy Doan