RDUSA Members-

As we near our upcoming annual event, we wanted to give everyone an update on the promotional committee activities for 2016.  To begin, we have employed a different strategy this year, which is focused on reaching new farmers.  This has been primarily represented by a switch in print advertising placement and the introduction of meaningful new social media efforts.

Our print advertising has always been dominated by ads in both the Stockman Grass Farmer and Acres USA, which seemed to have declining results as we saturated those subscribers over the years.  Also, it has been argued that many of these subscribers have already made breed decisions and are simply looking to hone their skills.  While we still intend to use these publications in the future, we felt a change was warranted.  We have focused our ad effort this year in the Mother Earth News and Grit publications.  These publications have a circulation of 437,500 and 172,000 respectively, while the SGF and Acres publications are 8,500 and 22,000.  In short, we are casting a much larger net to attract new entrants.  This strategy seems to already be paying dividends, as we’ve recently had over 80 individual inquiries from these new ads.

Additionally, we are placing pre-conference regional ads in the Midwest Marketer (circulation of 40,000), Agri-View (33,000), and Graze magazine (2,500).  To summarize, we are hitting almost 700,000 people with our conference ads this year, while previous years’ ads hit about 60,000.  We are also employing e-mail strategies to reach sustainable/regenerative Ag-centric groups on top of this, which we hope will all result in an increased attendance to this year’s Event and a wave of new breeders.

We have also continued supporting individual breeders in their regional promotional efforts by helping to offset booth and conference fees at Grassworks (Marquardt), Practical Farmers of Iowa (Hostetler), Winter Green-up (DeRousie), and Grassfed Exchange (Moore) Conferences.  These are extremely important efforts, and we encourage you to get involved in local efforts to spread the Devon message.

Another area of focus has been to establish a social media presence.  Please visit (and like, share, etc) our Red Devon USA Facebook page, and visit us at our new Instagram account – reddevon_usa

While many of us don’t use social media much, it is undoubtedly the mechanism for reaching our younger generations.

Lastly, Committee member Jeff Moore has been busy getting some really nice shirts and tumblers ready for the event.  The shirts are higher quality, and will be available in multiple colors in addition to a distressed look.  RDUSA breeder Dan Nyberg has also spearheaded the development of a nice Devon hat pin, which should also be available at the conference.

We encourage everyone to get the word out about our Conference/Show/Sale, and will look forward to seeing everyone in Dubuque!


Greg Hickl – Promotional Committee Chair