Practical Farmers of Iowa and Iowa Forage & Grasslands Council Annual Conferences

One of two new Red Devon USA promo booths.

One of two new Red Devon USA promo booths.

Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Iowa Forage & Grasslands Council are holding their annual conferences in conjunction at the Iowa State University Conference Center, Scheman Building in Ames, Iowa.  The IFGC conference is Jan. 21-22, 2016 and the Practical Farmers conference is Jan. 22-23.  There will be numerous workshops, speakers and courses offered at the conferences.  Two of the speakers will be Jim Elizondo speaking on regenerative grazing management and Bruce Edwards on forages.  Jamie Hostetler and crew will be manning the Red Devon USA promo booth and anyone who is interested in helping should contact Jamie.

For more information go to .  There will find links to the conference schedule, info on speakers, registration and a link to the IFGC conference information.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

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