Board Member Looking for Historical Records of Red Devon Cattle

New board member Anne Derousie has agreed to write historical articles on Red Devon Cattle for RDUSA

New board member Anne Derousie has agreed to write historical articles on Red Devon Cattle for RDUSA

Anne Derousie, who has a great deal of experience in historical research, has agreed to write historical articles on Red Devon Cattle for RDUSA.  With her educational level and previous experience with historical research with other organizations, Anne is an excellent choice for this task.  She will need your help!  Any information, old documents, old magazine publications, old agricultural books and old sale catalogs make up only a partial list of what might be useful for Anne.  Following is an introduction Anne wrote about herself and includes info on how you can help.

Anne Derousie


In the past few years, Devon registrations and organization memberships have greatly increased as the grass-fed beef movement has expanded and more producers are seeking animals to fulfill the needs of this market. In the past, some Devon breeders, wrote brief histories of Devon Cattle for informational and promotional purposes, but these do not include the past twenty years or so. With new members unfamiliar with the history of Devons, and longer established members perhaps wanting to know more, I will be writing a brief, updated history for inclusion in the forthcoming RDUSA Handbook for Devon Breeders at the request of President Jeremy Engh.

This is where you come in. I am especially looking for stories and documentation from the most recent period from 2000 to the present. There have been major changes during this period in membership and registration numbers, major importations of Devon cattle and semen to the United States and major organizational changes. I need to document these, but I also want to know your stories. If you are new to the Devon world, what brought you here. If you have been around a long time how did these changes in the past twenty years affect you and your Devons. This history will, of necessity, be brief, but it could be the beginning of a larger project later on. So if you have some materials to look at or stories to convey, please let me know.



Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, my partner Karel Titus and I have been raising cattle and have owned and operated Adventureland Farm since 1976. Beginning with 350 acres of field crops, Holstein replacement heifers, and farrow to finish hogs, we transitioned to a grass-based intensive grazing system and Angus cross cow/calf operation in the 1980s. We purchased our first Devons in 1989 and by 2003 the herd was 100% registered Devons. Currently, we have about 25 brood cows on 70 acres.   To our original foundation females we added some Lakota Ranch heifers in 2003 and we mainly breed AI to Rotokawa bulls. Our goal is to raise cattle with longevity, docility and growth on an all grass/legume forage diet.

I was elected to the RDUSA board in September 2015 I have a doctoral degree in American history and for fourteen years I was a historian with the National Park Service. I retired about a year ago and am now happily engaged with our farm and the Devon herd.


Submitted by Roy with a special thank you to Anne.