Marketing Research on the Millennial Generation

Is it time to reevaluate your marketing strategy?  Photo at Pipers Farm, UK taken by  Linda.

Is it time to reevaluate your marketing strategy? Photo at Pipers Farm, UK taken by Linda.

A high percentage of RDUSA members and others who visit our website market grass finished beef directly to the consumer.  There is an interesting article on marketing beef in the September 2015 issue of COW/CALF PRODUCER  that I think will be useful to direct marketers.  This magazine is a publication of Drovers CattleNetwork and caters to the conventional grain fed producers segment of the industry, but occasionally has an article useful to the grass fed segment.  This article, “Millennial Marketing Matters Much”, written by Alan Newport is one example.

Mr. Newport is reporting on a great deal of marketing research by the Beef Checkoff and other sources concerning the Millennial Generation.  Here are some interesting points made by Mr. Newport that I think direct marketers of grass finished beef may find useful.

  • Millennials are defined as being born since 1980 and just recently have overtaken the baby-boom generation as the largest generation in history.  This fact makes them a major focus in the marketing and advertising world, although they have not yet surpassed the baby-boomers in terms of spending.
  • The majority of Millennials favor a “restaurant experience over personal goods” and the percentage becomes higher the younger the person.  76% enjoy cooking but this generation is less skilled at cooking than previous generations and are wanting to learn.
  •  They “are health conscious but not fanatical”.  Millennials respond “to a combination of language, emotion and facts which helps them believe beef will provide specific, immediate health benefits for their entire family”.
  • 65% of Millennials think beef “fits a moderate budget”, but “Millennials’ primary considerations are convenience, taste and reasonable prices”.

To read all of Mr. Newport’s details about the marketing research go to the link .  Look to the right on the page for Latest Issue and click on Digital Edition.  The article is on pages 6 and 7.  Is it time to reevaluate your marketing strategy?

Submitted by Roy