A Change in Venue

The original plans for the RDUSA Fall Conference and National Show and Sale included the use of the Grant County Fairgrounds (located at Lancaster, WI).  Grant County Fairgrounds was chosen because of it’s excellent facilities for the Show and Sale and meeting hall for the program and meeting.  The hotel accommodations were located at Platteville, WI.  At the recent spring meeting of the RDUSA Board of Directors a tour of the facilities revealed a problem with logistics.  The travel distance between the fairgrounds, hotels and location of the host of the farm tour were believed to be too excessive.

The location for the Show and Sale and Conference activities along with hotel accommodations has been changed to Dubuque, Iowa.  Dubuque will offer us a much wider selection of high quality hotels that are very close to the Dubuque County Fairgrounds which give us very good facilities for all activities.  It is also much closer to the location of the farm tour.  More info will be coming when all plans have been finalized.

Submitted by Roy.