Jeremy15Tramthan1I apologize for the delay in these posts due to unexpected circumstances.  The photographs used on this post are all from Lenoir Creek Devons and taken by Jeremy Engh.  Following is the the email that Jeremy sent me about this part of the trip.

Part III

After leaving Kow A Bunga Farm, with a few heifers and a Cutcombe Jaunty son, we headed to Lenoir Creek Devons, the home of Charlie and Martha Trantham.  We arrived at the Trantham’s farm late in the day with little daylight left and quickly proceeded out to the field to view the cowherd.  As we drove out to the cowherd Charlie stopped at a pen so we could look at a group of young bulls.  This group included deep and thick Rodeo sons and a F142 Guardsman son that was fantastic.  After purchasing one of the young bulls for myself we proceeded on to the cowherd where Charlie and Martha pointed out several potential entries for the Show and Sale.  All the cows were of the type I would love to own myself.

After going through several groups of cattle and the new embryo calves I left Lenoir Creek Devons with a commitment from Charlie and Martha for two magnificent cows along with bred and open heifers and bulls for this year’s Event.  And of course I was taking a fine young bull prospect back to Virginia.  So far I think we are off to a great start at getting prospects for the Show that will present a real challenge for our judge, Vic Edwards.  Also there will be some interesting bloodlines with a beautiful Buckeye Millicent daughter from the Wagners and a Potheridge President granddaughter from the Tranthams.  Submitted by Roy