Changes to the Election Process

In order to make our election process for the board of directors fall completely in line with our Bylaws some changes have been made.  Everyone has received a copy of these changes in the mail, but we want to announce these changes again to make certain everyone is aware of them.  Following is a list of the changes and an explanation as to why they were needed to comply with the Bylaws.

The Changes and Explanation

Nominations/Election Committee


The following decisions were made by the RDUSA board of directors during our spring, 2015 meeting at Anderson, SC. These decisions involve some changes from previous years and a letter will be mailed to all members with an explanation of all changes and reasons for those changes and an explanation of the entire election process with directions on submitting nominations for the election of members to the board of directors.


  1. Voting Member. Article III, section 2 of the bylaws (page 6) restricts voting rights to Standard Members with the following qualifications. (a) The voter must be a member of RDUSA. (b) The voter must be a current dues paying member (having paid dues for that calendar year). (c) The voter must have paid $25.00 or more in registry fees the previous calendar year or the current calendar year.
  2. Mail in ballots. (a) Article III, section 3 of the bylaws (page 7) restricts voting to either in person or by proxy. The writing of the bylaws is very restrictive in this matter and so does not allow mail in ballots.
  3. A proxy is a written statement the gives another member the right to vote for the first member. The member signing over a proxy to another member is the signer and the member holding the proxy is the holder. The signer can make the proxy as restricted or unrestricted as the signer likes. The signer can give written instructions in the proxy on what the holder of the proxy can and cannot vote for, who the holder is to vote for in the board of directors election, etc. The signer can sign an unrestricted proxy giving the holder the right to vote as the holder wishes. A printed form could be sent with the letter to be used by the members or as a sample. Any handwritten proxy probably would have to be accepted also.
  4. Article VII, section 2 of the bylaws (page 14) charges the Nominating Committee to present a slate of nominees to the membership at the annual meeting along with nominees from the floor. The board of directors decided to charge the Nominations committee to include all nominees qualified by and agree to accept restrictions found in the bylaws and guidelines by the board. Article V, section 2 (pages 9 and 10) give the following qualifications: (a) past active participation as a member (1 year minimum) and the desire and ability to participate in activities as a director and breeder; (b) Listed as “in good standing” with the Association for not less than one year; (c) the ability to represent the standards of breed excellence to the public and potential breeders. The board would also charge the committee to confirm that nominees agree to serve on committees and do other jobs as needed, agree to accept the responsibilities of those committees and jobs, agree to participate in conference call meetings, and agree to be present at “on location” meetings.
  5. The Nominations committee (with the assistance of the administrative secretary) will solicit nominees from the membership and set timelines for receiving these nominations, confirm each nominee’s qualifications, confirm each nominee’s willingness to accept the above given responsibilities, administer the election at the annual meeting and count the votes and proxies.
  6. Number of Directors. Article V, section 3 of the bylaws (page 10) states that “the members shall elect from among their members a number of directors that results in an equal to one-third the number of directors constituting the entire board of directors”. Since our board now stands at the 9 members designated in the by-laws and 4 board members’ term expire this year (2015) and only two terms expire next year (2016) it will be necessary for 3 of the 4 directors elected this year to serve 3 year terms and one to serve only a one year term. This would then ensure 3 terms will expire in 2016. The board generally agreed that since Roy Doan was the only current board member agreeing to run in the 2015 election that if he by chance is nominated and elected that he would serve the one year term so that each of the new board members could serve a full 3 year term. If this were not to happen then the board and/or nominating committee would have to devise another way to determine which newly elected board member would serve the one year term.

We will need your Help!

For the sake of transparency, we need to make our members aware of a possible problem.  We will need to verify that each member that is qualified to vote has paid at least $25 in registry service fees in the current (2015) or previous (2014) calendar year.  There is a lag time in receiving records from CLRC and some information for 2014 will have to come from ADCA and NADA records.  Researching the older records will be somewhat tedious and could lead to mistakes.  The board of directors ask that all members assist the process by providing needed information if necessary.

Submitted by Roy