Our Fall Conference is being hosted by Brookview Farm on Sept. 26-27. Brookview Farm is located about 15 minutes east of Lexington, KY in the middle of the beautiful horse and cattle country of central Kentucky and has a rich and fascinating history.

The history starts in the “land grant days of Kentucky’s early settlement” and by the start of the 20th century was owned and managed by J. D. Gay and wife Lucy. At this time the farm was well known for champion fighting chickens and cattle. By the 1930’s the son of J. D. Gay, of the same name and was called Doug, began his work in leading the farm to national recognition.

Doug Gay was quite an inventor with “a revolutionary bluegrass stripper (Sphar-Gay Seed Co.), a collapsible/reusable tobacco hogshead, tree and plant fertilizer spikes (International Spike) and Lexington’s first television station”. With all of this, he was most proud of his cattle breeding skills. Brookview Farm developed one of the premier herds of Hereford cattle in the country. Doug Gay selected such famous bulls as Prince Domino 144th and TR Zato Heir 181st . He served a term as President of the American Hereford Association, at the time the largest breed association in the world.

After Doug Gay’s death in 1988, the farm was put into a trust managed by a local bank. Crossbreeding took place and the Hereford herd faded away. In 2000 Doug Gay’s oldest daughter and her son, Jacob Owens, were able to remove their share from the trust and started the next chapter in the history of the farm with Devons.

For more info on Brookview Farm and their Devon cattle go to http://www.brookviewbeef.com and for much more on the history of the farm go to http://www.brookviewbeef.com/FarmHistory.html.

Roy Doan