It's that time of year and Red Devon calves handle winter weather very well.   Photo: by Georgia Heller

It’s that time of year and Red Devon calves handle winter weather very well. Photo: by Georgia Heller

Good News from CLRC

Glenn Clark of CLRC reports to us that the corrections to the combined database have been made.  They are now ready to devote full time to handling the orders of Red Devon USA members including registration, transfer, and DNA applications.  We know that this process has taken much longer than expected, but the good news now is that we have a combined registry with all information in one database.  There is of course some possibly of a few mistakes that have slipped by undetected. We advise everyone to go to the CLRC website and find your herd data and check all information for mistakes.  Check all your farm and contact information and check all animals listed.  If there are mistakes please contact CLRC and inform them of the incorrect info and the correction.


Probably sometime next week you will receive a packet in the mail from CLRC with information and forms needed to request their services.  This  will include applications for registrations, transfers, and DNA.  It will also include the Electronic Services Agreement and a letter from Jeremy Engh and the Registrations/DNA committee about registrations and DNA policy.

It is now time to pay your yearly dues for 2015.  The dues must be paid before members can register, transfer or request DNA kits for their Red Devon cattle.  We know many like to wait until they need to request these services and then pay their dues with the fees required, but to pay the dues at the start of the year enables the board of directors to have a better handle on finances to better plan for the remainder of the year.  There will be a notice for the yearly dues in the CLRC packet and you can send your payment to CLRC.

Grazing Conferences in the Upper Midwest

Remember that the 2015 GrassWorks Annual Grazing Conference is Jan. 15-17 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  The conference will have many speakers giving presentations on grazing, pasture fertility and grass genetics.  Of the many speakers will be Curt Pate, a nationally renowned expert on stockmanship that uses many of the same principles as Temple Grandin and the late Bud Williams.  Daniel and Linda Marquardt will be manning the Red Devon USA exhibition booth promoting Red Devon Cattle.  For more information go to .

On February 13-14 the 3rd Annual Southern Iowa Grazing Conference will be held at Bloomfield, Iowa.  Speakers will include Peter Ballerstedt, John Ikerd, Ed Smith and Tom Weaver.  For more information call 641-664-2060.  Sheldon Headings and Jamie Hostetler, both of Heritage Beef, will man the Red Devon USA booth as this conference.

Submitted by Roy Doan