Two Interesting Comments

A cooler full of grass finished Red Devon beef. Photo by Linda

A cooler full of grass finished Red Devon beef. Photo by Linda

We welcome comments to any of our posts on the RDUSA blog and recently have received several excellent responses.  The last post,” USDA’s AMS Making Changes”, received two very good and informative responses.  Because I don’t know if many follow up on old posts to check for comments, I decided to make everyone aware of the last two.

The first was by Jenny Sabo.  Jenny feels that despite the confusion with the labeling and/or lack of, producers in the Red Devon world will be honest about the food they sell directly to the consumer.  She also points out the importance of the customer getting to know their farmers and how this will help make opportunities for more local connections between producer and consumer.

I agree with Jenny and would like to add my opinions.  First, do everything you can to help your customers and potential customers get to know you.  Let them know your protocol for raising your animals and your personal values for why you follow those protocols.  Second, remember that lasting relationships between producers and consumers are built around honesty and trust.

The second comment was from Kendy Sawyer.  Kendy posted a link from MOTHER EARTH NEWS about research done on the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio on grass-fed, free range and pastured animals compared to conventional industrialized methods.  One part of the test was comparing ribeye steaks and the ratio for grass fed was 2:1 compared with 24:1 for USDA steaks.  We all know that the closer this ratio is to 1:1 the more healthy the food.  This link also includes another link that explains why it is more healthy.  The title of the article is “MOTHER EARTH NEWS Omega-3, Omega-6 Fatty-Acid Testing” and is written by Josh Brewer.  Kenny also points out that potential customers will try grass fed Red Devon beef for health reasons, but it takes great taste and texture of the meat to bring them back.

I agree with Kendy.  Healthy products will open the door, but a great eating experience will keep it open.  Also remember from a previous post how marketing research has shown that the millennial generation favors the experience over other factors.  Using grass finished Red Devons that are raised properly will set you on the right path.

The link is  .

Submitted by Roy with thanks to Jenny and Kendy.