Jenny Sabo of Harrison, MT sent in the following information and photos of Devon X Red Angus steers that the Sabos sold to Fishing Owl Farm of Livingston, MT. Fishing Owl Farm is owned by Kelly Niles and Jeff Welch.




They bought the steers in April of 2013 and summered them on irrigated pasture utilizing frequent hot wire moves. Then from Nov. 15 through April 1 of this year they faced the long, hard Montana winter grazing on open native range with no supplemental feeding other than hay, but only when the range was covered in deep snow. The steers came through the winter in very good shape and Kelly feels that when they get the spring flush of grass they will finish out in around 60 days. They will be approximately 2 years old when finished.

We at Red Devon USA want our western friends to know that Devons can handle the adverse conditions of western ranching on the high plains and mountain regions and actually flourish. Sabo Ranch treats their Devons as “range cows”, grazing dry pastures and facing shelter less winters with no supplemental feeding.

Jenny also reports that she feels the advertising campaign is working. In a 3 week period in late March she received 6 inquiries about Devon cattle, with 2 leading to sales. All said they got their information on Devons from the ads in the Stockman Grass Farmer and/or the internet.

Thanks to Jenny Sabo and Kelly Niles for the information and to Kelly for allowing us to use her pictures.

Roy Doan