Jeff Moore reports that he took part in a taste test in Florida in late March. The project was the result of the hard work and planning of Dr. Ron Harrell and his brother-in-law Les Nichols of H&N Farms in the Florida panhandle. It started as an endeavor to proof that quality grass finished beef could be raised and finished in the hot and humid climate of Florida and was expanded into the taste test to finish the project.

The four steers included a Devon cross, purebred Angus, purebred Southpoll, and a Wygu/Angus cross. The steers were pastured together from weaning to slaughter. They grazed native Florida perennials and 342 Tritcale with Jumbo Ryegrass in the cooler winter season. The project was complete with several University of Florida personnel speaking about forages for the Deep South, pasture management, and carcass quality. Nationally renowned Chefs were brought in from as far away as New Orleans to do the cooking.

So, how did the Devon cross steer do in the taste test? For the final results of the test and other info you will need to read the report in the next issue of DEVON USA. It is scheduled to be mailed on May 6.