Merit in animals represents far more than individual excellence; it includes economy of production, fertility, quality of food product, longevity of production and resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions. The problem of animal breeding, therefore, is to gain a more complete mastery of breeding animals along the above-mentioned lines; this can be accomplished through an understanding of the fundamental biological principles involved.
– L. M. Winters

“Public life is a situation of power and energy; he trespasses against his duty who sleeps upon his watch, as well as he that goes over to his enemy.
– Edmund Burke

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Food from healthy clones of cattle, swine and goats is as safe as food from non-cloned animals, the Food and Drug Administration said in a report released Tuesday.

This sweeping guarantee, another license for drug companies to make billions, raises more than one question:

  • How could the FDA possibly know if the milk and meat from cloned animals is safe for human consumption?
  • How could they possibly know, much less say, it is safe when the quality of milk (enzymes, fats, & proteins) is destroyed by cooking (pasteurization)?
  • How could they possibly know milk and meat is safe when they allow it to be saturated with synthetic hormones to promote growth and milk production?

If the people in scientific research labs seriously talked with wise and knowledgeable cattlemen and women in the real world who practice animal husbandry, who daily breed for reproduction, longevity, quality product, healthy animals they might be more humble and cautious about such generalizations.

America needs strong cooperation between the producers and science. But today’s “science” believes producers are too stupid to have any knowledge valuable enough for science to consider. Sometimes is seems to be almost epidemic in our intellectual circles.

When I was a boy (in the 1940s and 50s) if there was something of value or a challenge discovered in the farming community, universities would do the research and prove or disapprove for the good of all America. Today’s “scientific research” is only done if it can contribute millions for the coffers for operations and high salaries. That is the starting point before any so-called scientific research begins. The pasture is never the starting point much less the health of the consumer.

I have been in the reproductive business for the last 35 years and have discovered that putting an embryo from one cow into another is not the best way to build a herd of cows. And let me point out I make that statement even though that is the business I am in. So let me emphasize again: embryo transfer is not the best way to build a herd!

The recipient cow determines the phenotype of the resulting embryo calf regardless of the genetics of the donor mother and sire. In my experience, most if not all, embryo transfers are put into a recipient that is in the lower end of the cow herd. That is why so often the resultant embryo calf is a great disappointment.

The amount of butterfat the recipient produces is never considered in selecting the recipient and that has everything to do with the development of the calf. But butterfat is never considered.

What about EPDs? You can be sure that bit of “science” will be at the heart of this cloning. But putting numbers together in beef and dairy to guide breeding without consideration of body type and genetic density for 50 years has proven only one thing: that it can’t work!

So just for openers; if embryo transfers and EPDs aren’t guaranteed, at least the way they are used today, how can scientists make such sweeping claims about cloning? It is intellectually dishonest and bad science. It is only good business.

But that is what we are confronted with. Bureaucrats and scientists who make these conclusions without owning a cow or having a clue about how to find and manage the correct animal and having failed at developing the nation’s cow herd now want to take us to another level, growing the “perfect cow” in a Petri dish. How can we expect that to be of any value to the cattle industry? We can only be sure of one result and that is that that result will be forced down our throats!

Now let me sound the alarm about the most dangerous part of this experiment. How can this cloned beef possibly be considered safe food for humans when grass was not a part of the developing mother’s diet?

When we operate apart from the standards of nature we produce only second rate food.

A cow is a bovine genetically and is not designed to function on supplements the same as she does on grass. We already know (yes, thanks to science) that grains and supplements change the genetic conformation of the germ plasma produced from the cow and leads to many of the health problems we see in cows and people today.

We have a sicker cow herd and a sicker population thanks to the unnatural techniques forced on us by the agricultural technocrats. When are we going to stop behaving as though we are mice in their laboratories?

I am sure it is exciting and ego-gratifying to play God in those laboratories manipulating us to their vision of Ideal. Personally, I will continue finding my rewards in just having a Symbiosis Day with my cows.