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Back to the Same Source

We Want to Hear Your Comments

We had two excellent comments submitted about our last blog post and a phone call from New Zealand so I decided to go back to the same source.  But first, I want to invite everyone to submit comments on our blog posts.  It does not make any difference if you […]

Is the Average Cow Too Big?

Drovers Cow/Calf Thinks So!

The October 27 blog post, titled “Marketing Survey Says”, came from the Drovers Cow/Calf  which is part of  Today I’m going back to that source using the recent December 2015 issue and the editorial page written by Alan Newport.  In that article Mr. Newport concludes that the cows in the nation’s cowherd […]

The Speakers at the 2015 RDUSA Conference

The Speakers

Vic and Alison
Following a series of long airplane flights from Australia to Virginia, Vic Edwards and Alison Heap then traveled to South Carolina and had two very busy days at the Conference.  Besides judging the Red Devon National Show Friday afternoon, they spent Friday morning evaluating the Walker cowherd, a group of steers and […]

Results of the Junior Judging Contest

Junior Judging Contest

Pictured in the first photo are: back row left to right, Emma Hickl, Daniel Fell, David Fell and Robert VanKirk; front row, Gerardo Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Jax Engh and Olivia Werner.

The younger generation showed their skills at the Red Devon USA Annual Show and Sale in SC.  Not only did a young heifer […]

2015 RDUSA National Sale

Results of the 2015 RDUSA National Sale

Registered Devon Lots  (Top Selling Lots)

Lot 17   Consignor: Oak Hill Farm, VA       Oak Hill YT6                              Buyer: Enrique Garcia, TX     $5600

Lot 20   Consignor: Full Moon Farm, NY     […]

An Added Bonus to Your 2015 Conference Experience!

A Post Conference Experience

We have a new post-conference experience for those whose travel plans will allow it.  We have just learned that on the Sunday after the National Show and Sale, Sept. 20, Vic and Alison will be traveling to Lenoir Creek Devons, owned by Charlie and Martha Trantham.  They will be going through the […]

Time is Running Out!

The National Conference, Show and Sale is Almost Here!
If you have not made plans and registered for the 2015 National Conference and Show and Sale you need to hurry, you are almost out of time.  The activities take place on September 18 and 19 at Walker Century Farm at Anderson, SC.  On Friday the 18th […]

Steak of Origin Contest, NZ

The Contest

The Steak of Origin Contest started in New Zealand over 13 years ago with a modest beginning and has grown into a very large competition.  Cattle farmers and ranchers from all over NZ enter steaks to be judged in this competition.  The steaks must be sirloin steaks from a carcass aged 3 weeks.  The […]

Here Comes the Judge(s)

All the Way from Australia
As we have previously announced, the judges for the National Devon Show at the Fall RDUSA Conference at Walker’s Century Farm at Anderson, SC are Vic Edwards and Alison Heap.  Both are highly respected cattle judges in the Devon world and both are talented breeders, Vic building the Vix Devons herd […]

SGF, Are You Kidding?

No, once again I am not kidding.  In the last issue of The Stockman Grass Farmer (for many in the sustainable livestock farming and ranching world the equivalent of Martha Stewart Living) has a RDUSA member, Hillside Pastures owned by Daniel and Linda Marquardt, featured in the Producer Profile.  It can be found on page 23 of the […]