The Green Grass of Spring

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The Green Grass of Spring
The Green Grass of Spring
How if Affects Calf Growth and Cow Breedback
What a joyful moment it is […]

That Lush Green Grass of Spring!

Editorial From RDUSA Board of Directors
At the last Board of Directors meeting a discussion led to the suggestion of helping new and inexperienced breeders (and also experienced breeders) with any problems or questions they may have.  So we would like to hear from you.  What problems would you like help with, what questions would you […]

Follow Up to Last Post

Two Interesting Comments

We welcome comments to any of our posts on the RDUSA blog and recently have received several excellent responses.  The last post,” USDA’s AMS Making Changes”, received two very good and informative responses.  Because I don’t know if many follow up on old posts to check for comments, I decided to make everyone […]

USDA’s AMS Making Changes

AMS is Pulling Grass Fed and Naturally Raised Standards 

A couple of weeks ago fellow board member Anne DeRousie sent me the following article found on the website.  Written by Rita Jane Gabbett, the article is “USDA’s AMS Pulls Standard for Grass Fed, Naturally-raised Meat”.  Ms. Gabbett reports that the USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Services has announced […]

Marketing Survey Says

Marketing Research on the Millennial Generation

A high percentage of RDUSA members and others who visit our website market grass finished beef directly to the consumer.  There is an interesting article on marketing beef in the September 2015 issue of COW/CALF PRODUCER  that I think will be useful to direct marketers.  This magazine is a publication […]

The Speakers at the 2015 RDUSA Conference

The Speakers

Vic and Alison
Following a series of long airplane flights from Australia to Virginia, Vic Edwards and Alison Heap then traveled to South Carolina and had two very busy days at the Conference.  Besides judging the Red Devon National Show Friday afternoon, they spent Friday morning evaluating the Walker cowherd, a group of steers and […]

Steak of Origin Contest, NZ

The Contest

The Steak of Origin Contest started in New Zealand over 13 years ago with a modest beginning and has grown into a very large competition.  Cattle farmers and ranchers from all over NZ enter steaks to be judged in this competition.  The steaks must be sirloin steaks from a carcass aged 3 weeks.  The […]

SGF, Are You Kidding?

No, once again I am not kidding.  In the last issue of The Stockman Grass Farmer (for many in the sustainable livestock farming and ranching world the equivalent of Martha Stewart Living) has a RDUSA member, Hillside Pastures owned by Daniel and Linda Marquardt, featured in the Producer Profile.  It can be found on page 23 of the […]

As We Sow…

The scientific community is showing increasing interest in what
is called the “developmental origins theory.” This theory postulates that the nutritional environment in the womb affects the risk of defects immediately apparent at birth, but also the lifelong risk of degenerative diseases.


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