Grass Fed Beef

Why is it so important that we put Devon back in our pastures?

There are more reasons than I can list here. And others would have even longer lists of their own. But if I was going to sum up my answer in a single sentence it would be:

Because the consumer deserves a healthy and delicious eating experience and no animal is better equipped to provide it naturally than Devon!


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Dr. Susan Ducket: Grass Fed is Better

NW and SW Project Grass Regional Grass Fed Seminar

September 16, 2006 Worthington, PA

Keynote Speaker: Dr Susan Duckett, Clemson University,

Ernest L. Corley Jr. Trustees Endowed Chair, email Dr. Ducket

“Pasture Based Beef has less Cholesterol Content than Chicken Breast!!!”

Meat from Pasture Based animals have highest levels of cancer-fighting fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid – CLA – was […]

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