Diversity and Concentration

In the realm of animal breeding there is a lot of discussion and indeed disagreement over the quest for diversity and the use of concentration in breeding programs. I would propose that both have their place.


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The Secret to Producing Gourmet Beef on Grass

There was a time when it was enough just to say “I’m a cowman”. Thanks to people like Allan Nation and Jim Gerrish, we came to realize that the term “grass farmer” another way of looking at our calling. But the term “grass farmer” short-changed the animal in the equation. A cow is far more than just a “grass harvester”.


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Cloned Animals for Food

Merit in animals represents far more than individual excellence; it includes economy of production, fertility, quality of food product, longevity of production and resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions. The problem of animal breeding, therefore, is to gain a more complete mastery of breeding animals along the above-mentioned lines; this can be accomplished through an understanding of the fundamental biological principles involved.
– L. M. Winters


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There’s No Place Like Home

The environment, more than grass alone, shaped the calf to successfully live, produce, and reproduce. It is as important in making a successful cow, as the family environment is in making a successful youngster.

Adaptation is a critical factor that too many overlook when purchasing, managing or moving cattle. It is important to consider the trauma and shock that takes place in the life of an animal that is removed from the pastures in which he or she was conceived and born to. Beyond that, the calf is nourished from mother’s milk based on those same grasses.


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Looking for the Perfect Herd Bull?

Where can you find a superior bull that will make your herd stand out? I suggest you start by looking at the cows you have right now!


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“Butter Fat”…The Missing Element…Part 2

Sometimes I’m called “old-fashioned”. That’s alright. Sometimes I’m called worse.

But to confirm what my critics think, let me admit that on this subject of Butter Fat, I’m stuck somewhere in about the 7th Century. The truth is that way back then people understood the importance of butter fat and, more than that, they knew the kind of cows that would produce the most butter fat.


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The Missing Element (Butter Fat)

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives.
It’s not the most intelligent. It’s the one most responsive to change.
— Charles Darwin


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