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Board Member Looking for Historical Records of Red Devon Cattle

Anne Derousie, who has a great deal of experience in historical research, has agreed to write historical articles on Red Devon Cattle for RDUSA.  With her educational level and previous experience with historical research with other organizations, Anne is an excellent choice for this task.  She […]

Deadline Approaching for Devon World Congress and Tour

World Devon Congress and Tour in the UK

The 2016 World Devon Congress and Tour is scheduled for June 5 through June 20 in the UK.  The deadline for booking registrations and reservations is Feb. 29, but you can still book your spot for the two week event after that date with a 100 British Pound […]

Buyers are Looking for Quality Red Devons

Buyers are Calling, Do You Have What They Want?

Red Devon USA has been contacted by potential buyers wanting quality Red Devon and Red Devon cross calves.  Three buyers would like to put together large lots, one of steers, one of organic steers, and one of Red Devon cross heifers for breeding.  If you have any […]

Back to the Same Source

We Want to Hear Your Comments

We had two excellent comments submitted about our last blog post and a phone call from New Zealand so I decided to go back to the same source.  But first, I want to invite everyone to submit comments on our blog posts.  It does not make any difference if you […]

Is the Average Cow Too Big?

Drovers Cow/Calf Thinks So!

The October 27 blog post, titled “Marketing Survey Says”, came from the Drovers Cow/Calf  which is part of www.cattlenetwork.com.  Today I’m going back to that source using the recent December 2015 issue and the editorial page written by Alan Newport.  In that article Mr. Newport concludes that the cows in the nation’s cowherd […]

Have Promo Booth, Will Travel

Practical Farmers of Iowa and Iowa Forage & Grasslands Council Annual Conferences

Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Iowa Forage & Grasslands Council are holding their annual conferences in conjunction at the Iowa State University Conference Center, Scheman Building in Ames, Iowa.  The IFGC conference is Jan. 21-22, 2016 and the Practical Farmers conference is Jan. […]

The World Devon Congress and Tour

The UK is the Place to be in Early June of 2016

Just a reminder that the World Devon Congress and Tour will be in the UK next June.  The actual dates are June 5-20, 2016.  In the middle of the the two weeks will be the the actual congress with reports from the different Devon […]

The World Devon Congress and Tour

The World Devon Congress and Tour

Our friends in the Devon Cattle Breeder’s Society in the UK are inviting us along with the rest of the Red Devon Cattle World to join them next year in the UK for the World Devon Congress and Tour.  The dates are June 5 through June 20, 2016.  There will […]

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The Speakers at the 2015 RDUSA Conference

The Speakers

Vic and Alison
Following a series of long airplane flights from Australia to Virginia, Vic Edwards and Alison Heap then traveled to South Carolina and had two very busy days at the Conference.  Besides judging the Red Devon National Show Friday afternoon, they spent Friday morning evaluating the Walker cowherd, a group of steers and […]

Results of the Junior Judging Contest

Junior Judging Contest

Pictured in the first photo are: back row left to right, Emma Hickl, Daniel Fell, David Fell and Robert VanKirk; front row, Gerardo Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Jax Engh and Olivia Werner.

The younger generation showed their skills at the Red Devon USA Annual Show and Sale in SC.  Not only did a young heifer […]