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Jeremy’s Trip Part IV

In a previous post (Jeremy’s Trip Part III) all of the photographs were identified as being cattle owned by Charlie and Martha Trantham.  That was incorrect.  The first and third photo were actually cattle at Tomina Farm located at Waynesboro, TN which was the next stop for Jeremy after leaving the Tranthams.  Remember that it […]

Jeremy’s Trip and Other News

Jeremy’s Trip, Part II
While in South Carolina, Jeremy Engh was in contact with Otto McCarty.  Mr. McCarty is using the registered Red Devon bull pictured to the left on his commercial herd of cows (Mr. McCarty sent us both photographs used in this post).  This bull was bought from Kow A Bunga Farm and is […]

Red Devon Cattle for Annual Fall Show and Sale

Red Devon cow at Kow-A-bunga Farm in South Carolina
Jeremy Engh on the Road
Our Show and Sale manager, Jeremy Engh of Lakota Ranch in Virginia, is on the road visiting several Red Devon breeders.  He is searching for and recruiting cattle for the 2015 Annual Fall Show and Sale at Walker’s Century Farm at Anderson, South […]

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Red Devon USA Fall Conference and Annual Meeting

Anyone who was not in Winchester, KY on September 26 & 27 missed a premier event featuring education, gourmet food and lots of beautiful Devon cattle.

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Devon Steer is Part of a Taste Test in Florida

Jeff Moore reports that he took part in a taste test in Florida in late March. The project was the result of the hard work and planning of Dr. Ron Harrell and his brother-in-law Les Nichols of H&N Farms in the Florida panhandle. It started as an endeavor to proof that quality grass […]

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New Devon Book Now Available

Jeremy Engh with his wife, Jill, has authored a new book on Devon Cattle. The book is DEVON CATTLE Perfect for Pasture, Perfect for Plate and is available through or can be ordered from Jeremy himself.

Jeremy is the management leader of Lakota Ranch which is owned by Jeremy and his family. He […]

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Cattle Prices Must Go Up—via Marginal Cost of Production

I routinely read at least a dozen cattle and agricultural periodicals and magazines, and many of them have recently cited the continuing decline of the US Cattle Herd numbers. Currently, the US Beef herd stands at 29 million head, which represents the smallest herd since 1962, and a decrease of .9% over the past […]

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Do We Need to be Careful What We Wish For?

Most of our RDUSA members are familiar with Kit Pharo. He is a rancher in eastern Colorado that raises and sells breeding stock of multiple breeds and is very opinionated on just about any issue. Many of you probably get his newsletters and weekly emails. He was the featured speaker and show […]

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Gearld Fry Report to World Devon Congress

First, my wife Margie and I want to thank you all for hosting this World Devon Congress. We couldn’t feel more at home. And I wasn’t surprised recently when I read that a poll of my countrymen shows that, by a wide margin, most Americans feel that Australians are their closest friends in the world. You’ve proven it by your reception to our delegation.


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Why is it so hard to find scientific information about grass fed beef?

Your point is well-taken and it got me thinking (again) about two words that have pretty much fallen out of use in our Modern Scientific Age. The words are “husbandry” and “herdsmen”. When the first land grant colleges were founded about 100 years ago, their agricultural courses actually were focused on husbandry. “Animal Science” didn’t replace husbandry until the 1970s.

Husbandry is a way of life and a process as much as a system. In fact, you might say you never graduate from “husbandry school”. You’re always a student. Smarter as time goes by, we hope, but still learning.


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