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The Green Grass of Spring

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The Green Grass of Spring
The Green Grass of Spring
How if Affects Calf Growth and Cow Breedback
What a joyful moment it is […]

Selecting Replacement Heifers

Burke Teichert says to let Mother Nature do it!
Burke Teichert is retired from managing the various western ranches that make up Deseret Ranch which is owned by the Morman Church and is one of the largest ranching operations in the west. He now writes blogs for BEEF Magazine.  In his blog post on 12/3/15 he […]

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Upcoming Southern Rare Cattle and Oxen Events

The following information regarding upcoming rare cattle and oxen events comes to us by way of Kendy Sawyer from HineSite Milking Devons and Kerry Cows in Fries, VA.

March 25.  Lisa Carpenter is directing the historic agriculture program at Historic Brattonsville in McConnellls, SC. March 25 from 10 to 4 is their Children’s Day. She’ll be […]

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Practical Benefits for Commercial Producers in using Red Devon Bulls in a Commercial System

Running bulls in an operation always comes with a few extra headaches. The possibilities of aggressiveness and fence jumping are part of the working day for a cattle producer during breeding season.

However, in using Red Devon bulls over the past 10 years, we have found that the Devons vastly simplify the potential unpredictability of bulls […]

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Hillside Pastures

RDUSA Conference, Show and Sale
It’s almost here.  If you have not finalized your plans and arrangements to attend the conference, show and sale you need to do so very quickly.  Activities start on Thursday and go through Saturday (Sept. 8 – 10).  There is an excellent lineup of speakers with Gabe Brown, Dr. Allen Williams, […]

Sheldon Headings (Part 2)

The Conference
The annual RDUSA Conference, Show and Sale is less than a month away.  Make your reservations before it’s too late.  As mentioned before, the host farms are Jaime Hostetler’s Rolling Meadows, Sheldon Heading, and Daniel and Linda Marquardt’s farm.  Jaime Hostetler’s farm is the only one hosting activities and also displaying their cattle.  Sheldon […]

Sheldon Headings and Heritage Beef

The 2016 Conference, Show and Sale
Remember those dates, September 8-10, they will be here before you know it.  Go to the website for all the information, schedule and registration forms.
The Host Farms
There are 3 farms that are hosting this year’s Red Devon USA Conference, Show and Sale.  The farms are owned by Jaime Hosteler and […]

2016 Annual Conference and Cattle Breeding 101

2016 Annual Conference


Yes, the 2016 Annual Conference, Show, and Sale will be here before you know it.  The dates are September 8-10 with all activities in the Dubuque, Iowa area.  Go to the Red Devon USA website for more information.  The exact time schedule for all 3 days has now been posted on the website. […]

Devon World Congress Updates!

Click here to visit our Facebook page for World Congress updates!

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Northwest PA Project Grass

The O’Neil Farm and O’Neil’s Quality Foods Market –
A.J. O’Neil raises Devon cattle for grass fed beef on a rotational grazing system. A.J. has a watering system and fence layout that allows him to move the cattle as often as twice a day. Most of the animals are raised for the family’s meat market, O’Neil’s […]

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