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The Red Devon cow, the right size cow. Photo by Jacob Owens

The Red Devon cow, the right size cow. Photo by Jacob Owens

We had two excellent comments submitted about our last blog post and a phone call from New Zealand so I decided to go back to the same source.  But first, I want to invite everyone to submit comments on our blog posts.  It does not make any difference if you agree or disagree with the info in the post and it is very easy to do.  When you finish reading the blog post just scroll down the page until you come to the “Leave A Comment” section and click on the name and email boxes and type in the info.  Then click on the comment box and type in your comments.  Your comments have to be processed and may take a little time to appear at the bottom of the blog post.  It’s that easy!

“If you go big, be prepared”

The above is the title of a guest editorial in the DROVERS COW/CALF  by Matt Hersom, a beef cattle specialist for the University of Florida Extension.  Mr. Hersom’s main theme is the same as last time, cows that are too big are not efficient and profitable.  Following are some interesting points from his article:

  • One complaint about smaller cow size is the “potential for lighter weaning weights”.  But U of F research shows that the large mature cows never come close to weaning 50% of their body weight where as more moderate size cows come closer and many will wean over 50% of their body weight.
  • “As mature bodyweight increases, age at puberty increases” so “the percentage of heifers cycling and conception rate decreases”
  • “As cow frame size increased…, calving rate decreased.”
  • “Despite smaller calves, cows of small and medium size produced more pounds of calf weaned relative to total number of cows  exposed for breeding”

For more info go to the article at cowcalf.cattlenetwork.com/December2015#&pageSet=11 .

Submitted by Roy