Vic Edwards and Alison Heap, the Judges for the Show at the Annual Fall Conference

Vic Edwards and Alison Heap, the Judges for the Show at the Annual Fall Conference

All the Way from Australia

As we have previously announced, the judges for the National Devon Show at the Fall RDUSA Conference at Walker’s Century Farm at Anderson, SC are Vic Edwards and Alison Heap.  Both are highly respected cattle judges in the Devon world and both are talented breeders, Vic building the Vix Devons herd and Alison the Gowan Ross herd.  Both herds of Devons run on the same ranch (Kurrajong) located at Mullaley in the northwestern part of New South Wales, Australia.

Vic and Alison have graciously agreed to send us photographs and information about themselves and Devons in Australia that we can use in our promotional efforts for the show and conference.  We plan to get maximum use of their talents at the Annual Conference.  Besides judging the show, they are helping with live cattle evaluations and seminars.  Vic and Alison sent the following email as an introduction and with some information on the qualities they look for in Devon cattle. On behalf of all RDUSA members I want to thank Vic and Alison for agreeing to being a part of our program and I know everyone is looking forward to meeting them.  For more info you can go to their website .

The Email

 Dear breeders of Red Devons in USA,

I would like to thank Red Devon USA for the honour of judging at the Fall Conference of

the cattle for show & sale.

To build for you a picture of the type of animal we prefer, in general we prefer the longer bodied type of Devon that was popular in England 100 years ago.

Our cattle enterprise in Australia is a herd of pure registered Devons with an annual calf drop of 300-320. Within that herd we maintain a range of animals of differing types ranging from frame 3 to 6 and appreciate the breeding value of these differing types. Our 50 best male calves are retained as sale bulls. Steer calves are grown on and finished on native pastures or green crop grazing to meet the highest Ausmeat graded meat standndards. Carcase weight 440 to 600lb, even fat cover of 6 to 10 mm on rib & rump, muscularity average or above, meat colour bright, with milk or 2 teeth only. We are proud of the impeccable performancce of our Devons

achieving premium meat quality targets. Most surplus females are sold privately as breeding stock.

Most of the bulls we sell are by private sale from the paddock, some are sold at combined bull sales so these are supplementary fed for attractive sale presentation. We also show selected animals in major exhibitions to keep the breed in the public eye, these animals also have additional preparation for best presentation. Our climate, being similar to Texas, with long dry

periods, means supplementation in drought periods is essential.

When we look for correct structured animals we mean the traits that allow an animal to be sound and productive into its teenage years. The strength and constitution traits that fit an animal to be a regular breeder through flush and stressful seasons, legs and feet correctly shaped to not cause breakdown, udders and teats on cows that are trouble free.

In short we will be seeking the soundest structured animals in each class that exhibit traits suggesting they are above breed average performers and show traits consistent with the Devon Breed Standard. Such animals may not be the fattest on show.

We like animals with a capacious frame, strong straight top line, not heavy boned or course and no muscle seams evident as seen in some European breeds.

Like all who breed Red Ruby Devons, we appreciate docility in cattle and look forward to appreciating with you the good traits of animals presented before us.

Yours sincerely
Vic Edwards, Vix Devons & Alison Heap, Gowan Ross Devons , Australia.