A Post Conference Experience

Vic Edwards and Alison Heap are the judges for the 2015 National Red Devon Show.

Vic Edwards and Alison Heap are the judges for the 2015 National Red Devon Show.

We have a new post-conference experience for those whose travel plans will allow it.  We have just learned that on the Sunday after the National Show and Sale, Sept. 20, Vic and Alison will be traveling to Lenoir Creek Devons, owned by Charlie and Martha Trantham.  They will be going through the Lenoir Creek herd evaluating individual animals.  They will explain the aspects of each animal that they like and dislike.

Sunday evening Vic and Alison will leave Lenoir Creek going to Lakota Ranch in Virginia to evaluate cattle in the Lakota herd on Monday.  Each stop will be a very similar learning experience to the one scheduled Friday morning with the Walker herd during the conference.

And You are Invited

Yes, if you are able to adjust your travel plans back home, you are invited to visit either of these Red Devon herds or both if you like and learn more from Vic and Alison.  Lenoir Creek Devons is located at Canton, NC and is about 2 hours north of the location of the Conference and Show and Sale at Anderson, SC.  Lakota Ranch is located just north of Culpeper, VA and is owned by Jeremy Engh and family.  Please remember that the owners of these farms will also be returning home from the Conference, Show and Sale and will have no time to prepare for visitors.  So just enjoy the learning experience and be ready to help out any way you can.

The Rest of the Trip

Vic and Alison will fly from Virginia to Montana to visit Sabo Ranch at Harrison, MT.  After visiting with Mark and Jenny Sabo a few days they will travel to Southern Utah to visit the Bar 10 Ranch owned by Kelly Heaton and family.  We do not know if these visits are open to the public.  We will announce more information during the conference.  From Utah, Vic and Alison will travel to Los Angeles to fly back home to Australia.  Thank you to Vic and Alison for taking such an active part in our Conference program and judging our National Red Devon Show.

Submitted by Roy