On the 10th day of October in 2006, 12 men met in a conference room in Dallas, Texas and established the North American Devon Association.

One year later, on the 27th day of October 2007 we had our first full Association meeting. Between those two events, we were joined by many people who believe in Devon cattle, the NADA directors, and the objectives we put forth. These people put their money where their heart and desire lay by trusting in us to bring about change and help insure a lifestyle so long enjoyed in this country.

We celebrated the one year birthday of NADA in Albany, NY with 150 of the finest cattle people, friends and neighbors this country has ever produced.

This interest, demonstrated by the growth in membership and the excitement at the annual meeting, puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the NADA board for the future of the Devon breed and our organization. How do we plan, how do we lead, perhaps most important, what is the glue that will weld us together as we return Devon cattle to prominence? It will take wisdom coupled with passion to guide and direct the breeders of this great historical breed of cattle in this endeavor.

The future will unfold before us but we certainly have the power to shape that future with God-given wisdom. We can reclaim our way of life or we can let other forces continue to dictate how we breed and manage our cattle and limit the lives we desire.

A man once told me we don’t have to do a thing to any person or try to force them to change. All we must do is pursue what is good and wholesome and others will be attracted to you. NADA is led by men and women who are committed to goodness and wholesomeness and I am convinced others will respond positively.

How do I see the future of NADA?

The stage is set for those who care about Devon and the future of American agriculture to forget politics, the me, or any self interest, and do the right thing.

I see NADA and its leadership shaping the future of the cattle industry for the good of our neighbors and mankind.

I see NADA and its leadership setting standards others will want to imitate and American agriculture and American consumers will be better for our efforts.

I see the Devon breed returning to its rightful and historic position in the forefront with the best grass cattle genetics in America.

I see NADA in 2008 marching with wisdom and passion to earn the bright future we desire. Will you march with us?

There is a bright future if we fight to deserve that future.