May 20 – 29, 2018

Tour Stops:
Lakota Ranch – Virginia
Stratford Hall – Virginia
Longwood Farm (National Show location) – Virginia
4 Seasons Farm – Pennsylvania
Kittanning Farm – Pennsylvania
Lamppost Farm – Ohio
Montana Red Devons (Prev. Sabo Ranch) to include Yellowstone Park/or Virginia City – Montana

Additional details to follow: Package pricing, payment options, excursions.

The 2018 Mini Devon World Congress tour has been in the planning phase since late September. Tour itinerary has recently been finalized and currently transportation, accommodations, and air fare are being negotiated with expectations to be finalized by January 15th, as well as other tour details. Thank you for your patience as we work on bringing you one of the best tours to date. Please feel free to messages Jeremy Engh (Lakota Ranch), Sarah Wilkerson (Breed Secretary), or Sherri Azais (Event Planner – sherri@premierpartnerservices.com) for any questions you may have. We each will do our best to answer in the event the information has been confirmed for your question.