Rollling Meadows Devons in Bellevue, IA

Jamie & Lana Hostetler and family are excited to host the Red Devon USA Gourmet Beef on Grass X


Thursday_devonconference2013_1469-1024x682A message from Jamie Hostetler:

Hello Everyone!

We are honored and look forward to be the host farm for this year’s National Devon Conference and thought I would share a few thoughts regarding what you might anticipate for this year’s event on our farm. My wife, our nine children, and I manage 300+ acres of rolling hill country approximately four miles west of the Mississippi River near the small town of Bellevue, IA. We purchased part of this farm in the summer of 2010 and took it out of traditional row crop corn production that over the decades had lost lots of topsoil and organic matter and put it back into grass and forages hence the farm name “Rolling Meadows”.

Our farm is made up of few Katadin hair sheep, 23,000 commercial organic laying hens and  approximately one hundred Devon or Devon cross cows which the greater share of these are Devon cross cows that we use as a source for our 100% grass-fed beef program.  Over the years we have purchased some of the best Devon females and semen we could find and have been blessed with a group of pure bred Devons that we have used as our foundation to build our herd with. We are  utilizing some of the best of the American Devon genetics from the USA, Rotokawa from New Zealand, and Tiranna from Australia. We utilize a breed improvement program that allows us to concentrate the best of these genetics and are now marketing pre-potent purebred Devon stock to others.

Our goal for this year’s event on the farm is to provide  three targeted learning centers that will offer to the beginning producer as well as the veterans some of the most inspiring and useful information that you can  glean delivered from some of the most innovative and practical farmers in USA.

Gabe Brown from Bismark, ND has taken his 2,000 acre ranch from less than 2% organic matter to a to over 6% organic matter in an environment with less than 16 in. of rain per year in the last decade or so. He will be the hands on instructor at one of the learning centers and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he will share with you as he has to hundreds of thousands worldwide the last few years. He will share practical take home advice that will help you regenerate your farms and ranches. You will also see the difference in water infiltration rates depending on how you manage your pastures and the effect you can have on avoiding drought conditions.

Gearld Fry and Steve Campbell will be doing some hands on teaching on matching your eye to measurable traits that if utilized will add pounds of salable meat to your carcass without adding to the size of your carcass. They will show the difference in the potential your best cows have as compared with an average cow utilizing linear measuring. They will also teach visual observations that contribute to high butter milk and tender meat.  If you have ever wondered what the value and impact of a herd changer bull has you will not want to miss this rare opportunity.

The third learning center will give you an opportunity to ride up down these rolling meadows observing deep bodied, Devon cows and calves belly deep in grass, developing herd bulls that culminate the best we have produced as well as our high energy grass finishing steers that experience a fresh salad bar twice a day that will ensure a fine eating experience later that evening at the campfire networking event.

If you have wanted to utilize high density or rotational grazing but found it too time consuming look for several ideas that may help you rethink your grazing plan. If you want to gain clarity when to mob graze or when to performance graze, come with plenty of questions that Gabe Brown and others will be happy to share their experience.

You may also see the new solar watering system that pushes water from a nearby creek to over ¾ mile and 200ft of vertical rise with less than 500 watts of electricity bringing water to additional 80 acres eliminating lots of fence moving time and muddy lanes.

We hope to make our farm your farm for a day in September and an experience that will make an impact on your family values and the profitability of your farms and ranches. A day where you can believe that the family farm is not just a bit of nostalgic history but a day where it gets reinforced that you can also thrive on your family farm and provide a bright future for your family generations to come!


May God Bless each of you and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Jamie, Lana Hostetler and family


2016 RDUSA Annual Conference. Join us September 8-10th.

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