Board Nominations

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Jenny Sabo
Jenny and her husband Mark Sabo purchased their first Devon bull in 2007 from Dave Mannix in Montana, an early adopter of Devons in the West.  The next step was embryos from Bakewell Productive, and some of those original embryo females are still happily producing calves at Sabo Ranch, in Harrison, MT.
Jenny has always enjoyed the docility and hardiness of Devons, and in 2014 took her family to around the world to track down a few more Devon herds.  After visiting Angus and Joy Cottey in Devonshire, five New Zealand herds of Devons, and four herds in Australia, they decided to import semen from 5 different excellent commercial Devon bulls.
Red Devons are both a heritage breed with history tied closely to American’s own history in agriculture, and a breed that has a great deal to offer the increasing interest in “solar” beef (as opposed to “petroleum” beef and chemical agriculture).
Jenny’s focus is on building a truly commercial purebred Devon herd, tested in the huge dry land pastures and bitter winters of the West.  Devon bulls that will thrive and assist commercial Solar producers in their production of grass finished beef for the large western markets.
Towards that end, Jenny is interested in working with other Devon producers in the selection and breeding of Devons that can calve without assistance in rangeland conditions, thrive and produce hardy F1 Devon influence calves that will finish easily for gourmet “solar” beef.
Her board experience includes co-founder and President of The Emerson Arts and Cultural Center, a 30,000sq ft school building converted in 1995.  That organization is now full of galleries, art studios, classrooms, a restaurant, a theatre and “flex space” (the old gymnasium), and is active every week of the year serving the Bozeman community.  She also served for three years on the board of her children’s Montessori school, and assisted with many different animal/student contact opportunities.